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Scrap Metal Recycling and Trading

Earn Top Money

If you have unwanted metals, including materials with metal parts, we can take them off your hands. There is no need to throw them away when you can get cash by selling your scrap metal to us. We can then recycle the metal by selling it to third parties that find this material useful.

Having been in this business since 1966, Ekco Metals has streamlined our processes for your convenience. We accept both ferrous and non-ferrous materials in our Los Angeles and San Diego scrap yards.

With us, you’ll see how easy scrap metal recycling can be. Whether you’re a member of the public or a contractor in any industry that generates scrap metal, you can enjoy the monetary benefits that this type of metal trading brings. We pay top prices!

Recycling and Trading

Help The Green Movement

In addition to making money, you’ll be helping the environment by taking an active role in the green movement. Ekco Metals helps you get rid of your unwanted metals and metal-containing materials in an eco-friendly manner.

These are some of the types of items we purchase. You can contact us to see if we can accept your scrap metals:

  • Mixed steel
  • Prepared and unprepared steel
  • Aluminum and aluminum parts, including cable, wheels, turnings, litho, and more
  • Brass auto radiators and aluminum radiators
  • White goods
  • Cast iron
  • Many metal types, including brass, tin, lead, iron, steel, nickel, titanium, and others
  • Motors, carburetors, and alternators
  • Pistons, starters, ballast, and stators
  • Hard drives and CPUs
  • Batteries
  • And more

We are not able to accept certain items, including junk cars, end-of-life cars, catalytic converters, televisions, computer monitors, or waste elemental mercury.

Why Use Our Services?

You’ll find working with Ekco Metals to be easy, convenient, and even lucrative. Throwing away scrap metal gets you nothing, but making the most of our scrap metal recycling and metal trading services brings you cash.

We strive to make our services as convenient as possible. We have separate ferrous and non-ferrous buying yards for easier processing. We can schedule pickups and provide you with large containers for your ongoing scrap metal recycling needs.

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you ready to make money while helping the environment? Scrap metal recycling is the way to go.

Discover the benefits of partnering with us and our metal trading enterprise. We will gladly purchase your scrap metal and pay you for it. To get started, contact us today.

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