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Demolition Scrap Services

Reclaiming Metals and Other Valuable Materials

Thousands of tons of metals can be reclaimed from demolition sites. Throwing away these valuable construction materials is a huge waste of resources.

Ekco Metals lets you make money through our demolition scrap services, plus you gain the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something beneficial for the environment. We’ve been helping demolition contractors reclaim valuable materials for almost six decades.

Our onsite services can accommodate projects of all sizes. We provide the right types of containers for the job at hand, and we pay in cash for a wide range of demolition scrap pieces.

Ekco Metals

What We Buy

  • Copper, brass, aluminum, nickel, titanium, steel, iron, and other metals
  • Aluminum cables, radiators, wire, and more
  • Motors, starters, alternators, armatures, pistons, and related parts
  • Hard drives and CPUs
  • Batteries
  • White goods
  • Medical x-ray and news film
  • And more

These types of demolition scrap can be recycled and resold to various markets. We will be happy to compensate you fairly for these items.

Please note that there are some things we don’t purchase. We don’t buy junk cars, glass, wood, tires, monitors, or concrete. Contact us for a more detailed list of what we do and don’t purchase from demolition sites.

Steel Bales

Top Prices and Pickup Services

Our pickup service makes it easy for you to profit from our demolition scrap services. We pay competitive rates for the metals and other scrap we purchase.

For your convenience, we will send our trucks out to pick up your scrap. We make things easier for you by providing the right types of containers in the right sizes.

Copper Bales

Contact Us to Learn More

If you have a demolition scheduled, we want to talk with you and show you how to make money from your scraps instead of having to pay money to throw them away.

Just about every demolition site has metals that can be reclaimed and reused. Why throw valuable material away when it can be recycled instead?

To learn more about our efficient process and how we’ll work with you to simplify metal reclamation at your demolition location, get in touch with Ekco Metals today.

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