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Sell Your Metals to Us

How We Can Benefit You

Whether you’re a member of the public or a contractor involved in manufacturing, industrial, construction, or demolition processes, you can benefit from selling your scrap or unwanted metals to us. We also work with municipalities.

By selling us your metals, you benefit in several big ways, including:

  • Ridding yourself of unwanted metals
  • Making money in the process
  • Avoiding the landfill option, which costs money and wastes resources
  • Helping recycle and reuse valuable materials
Sell Your Metals

Who We Purchase From?

We buy directly from the public and pay you in cash. We also buy from many different organizations and contractors.

If you have excess or scrap metal that you don’t need any more and want to get rid of, contact Ekco Metals. We will let you know if it’s something we can buy from you.

What’s more, we can send vehicles to your location for pickup services. For larger operations, we can even supply roll-offs, boxes, drums, tilt hoppers, flatbeds, and other containers and equipment to facilitate the scrap metal removal process.

What We Buy

  • Metal sheets, scraps, and parts
  • A wide range of metal types, including aluminum, steel, iron, titanium,nickel, brass, and more
  • Copper and insulated copper wire
  • Brass auto radiators
  • Motors, ballast, sealed units, starters, alternators, armatures, pistons, and stators
  • Aluminum litho, radiators, wheels, turnings, transmissions, and cable
  • CATV cable systems
  • Hard drives and CPUs
  • Prepared, unprepared, and mixed steel
  • And more

Contact Us In Los Angeles and San Diego

Got scrap metal you want to get rid of? Call us! We’ll take it off your hands and pay you fairly for it.

Ekco Metals has been in the business of buying scrap for nearly six decades. We serve communities and industries throughout Los Angeles County and San Diego County.

Don’t just throw away your junk metal. It’s bad for the environment and it can cost you in landfill fees. Instead, sell us your unwanted metals. Our company will sell them to interested parties ready to reuse them. Contact us today.

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